Extended Release Drug Delivery and Multiparticulate System: A Review

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Amol U. Gayke, Sourabh Jain


Currently, extended release pharmaceutical products have become a so useful method in medical practice, showing patients a wide range of real and gain benefits and help them to stay healthy. Oral drug delivery is the frequently used route for so many drug molecules among all other routes of drug delivery, reaching the client directly because of the help of administration that leads to better patient compliance. So, the oral extended release drug delivery system is a most useful way for those drugs. A promising approach and attitude is formed which are given orally but have a shorter half-life and higher doses at frequency and interval. Extended release is also providing a promising and right way to reduce the side effects of the drug by preventing fluctuations of the therapeutic concentration of the drug in the body. The oral extended-release drug delivery drug will prolong for the maximum part of the drug delivery system. Extended- release products at the same time improve the therapeutic effectiveness and safety of a drug while improving patient convenience and compliance.

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