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Most Popular Articles

Laser confocal microscopic study of callose in plants at nature submergence

The dispersion and relative substance of callose in cell dividers of epidermis, mesophyll and vessels of conductive packs of Potamogeton perfoliatus, Potamogeton pectinatus and Myriophyllum spicatum leaves with the laser confocal microscopy (LSM 5, Germany) and Pascal program dissected and contrasted with leaf anatomical qualities. Nature submergence animates callose creation in leaf cells of the epidermis and mesophyll. The reliance on content callose in cell dividers on species, tissue and plant stage advancement set up. It is uncovered that callose substance of mesophyll cells of plants during vegetative stage is significantly more in examination with that in leaves at the blossoming phase of plants.

Histological aspects of the esophagus at Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)

From three clinically solid Chinchilla guys butchered by the proprietor for their hide, were gathered throat pieces having a place with the three unique regions: cervical, thoracic and stomach. The tissue pieces were handled by the paraffin incorporation strategy so as to perform histological examination. In each of the three distinct fragments, the esophageal mucosa is spoken to by a separated squamous epithelium with a granular layer twice as evolved contrasted and the spinosum layer and with a medium level of surface keratinization. Muscularis of the mucosa is all around spoke to and present in every one of the three fragments, with an attentive thickening inclination from the cervical to the stomach portion. It is arranged on a solitary layer and is framed from smooth muscle cells with longitudinal orientation.

The antioxidants are not enough. Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. extract enhances the carbon tetrachloride liver toxicity in albino rats

Liver toxicosis prompted by CCl4 presentation is an authoritative model for steatohepatitis. Cancer prevention agents are as often as possible utilized for hepatoprotection yet now and again they have no advantageous impact dependent on the prooxidant properties or lattice harmfulness. Four exploratory gatherings (Control, Extract, CCl4 and CCl4 + Extract) of pale skinned person rodents were utilized so as to assess the impact of the hydroglycerin alcoholic Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. separate in CCl4-prompted steatohepatitis. Blood transaminases and TNF? were expanded after CCl4 organization and cell-interceded provocative reaction was improved similarly with transaminases and TNF?.

Most Recent Articles

Call for Papers

Announcement Date:

Paper Submission Deadline: 15th March 2021

2021: Volume 25: Issue 1

Published: 2021-01-17

Framework for Reducing Response Time using Semi-Distributed Load Balancing

Atul Garg, Pinaki Ghosh, Kamali Gupta, Devendra Prasad

01 - 08

Cross-Layer Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks A Survey

Naresh Kumar Trivedi, Ajay Kumar, Abhineet Anand, Shikha Maheshwari

09 - 20

The Effect of the Meaningful Task-Oriented Activity on Upper Extremity Function in Patient with Hemiplegic Stroke

So-Young Han, Byung-Il Yang, Ha-Na Kim, Jung-Woo Jeong, Sung-Ryong Ma, Bo-Kyoung Song

30 - 35

A Study of Vitamin-D and Biochemical Changes in Breast Cancer

Sowmya K, Lakshmanan G, Selvam D, Saravanan

36 - 44

Mathematical Model to Analyse the Effect of Quarantine on Spread and Containment of COVID-19

Afshan Hassan, Amit Kumar Bindal, Anju Bhandari Gandhi, Devendra Prasad

45 - 55

An Improved Random Forest Algorithm for Predicting the COVID-19 Pandemic Patient Health

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Umesh Kumar Lilhore, Sarita Simaiya, Naresh Kumar Trivedi

67 - 75

New in the Vestibular Rehabilitation of Patients with Dizziness

Islom Shamatov, Hurram Karabaev, Mahzuna Nasretdinova, Ozod Nabiev

99 - 103

Clinical Characteristics of Vascular Tumors of ENT Organs

Gayrat Lutfullaev, Umrillo Lutfullaev, Uktam Nematov, Farid Hamraev, Dilshod Fayzullaev

104 - 110

Exudative Otitis Media - Early Symptom of Junior Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma

Gayrat Lutfullaev, Umrillo Lutfullaev, Shakhodat Kobilova, Nasiba Safarova, Nigina Valieva

111 - 114

Clinical and Morphological Characteristics of Benefits of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses

Gayrat Lutfullaev, Nasiba Safarova, Uktam Nematov, Shakhodat Kobilova, Adham Ortikov

115 - 119

Antibiotic Resistance

Sh. Kh. Ziyadullaev, I. V. Liverko, F. N. Niyazova, N. M. Khaitova, R. T. Kaderova, I. I. Afanasyev, O. I. Istamova

120 - 124

Bioethics - Paradigm of Humanization of Medical Education

Mukhamedova Zamira Mukhamedzhanovna, Umirzakova Nargiza Akmalovna, Karabaev Sanjar Abdusamatovich, Sattarova Dildor Gapparovna, Umarova Dilorom Arifovna, Khudaibergenova Patma Tashpulatovna

125 - 133

The Efficacy of Different Methods of Haemostasis for Postpartum Haemorrhage

Agababyan Larisa Rubenovna, Kamalov Anvar Ibragimovich

134 - 139

Features of Somatic and Gynecological Status in Women with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Agababyan Larisa Rubenovna, Kholmuradova Adiba Shermamatovna

140 - 146

Tactics of Administration of Patients with Chronic Atrophic Rhinitis

Nasretdinova M. T., Shadiev A. E., Ziyadullayev S. X., Khayitov A. A.

147 - 151

Immunological Parameters in Patients with Chronic Cystic Sinusitis

Khayitov A. A., Nasretdinova M. T., Ziyadullayev S. ?., Shadiev A. E.

152 - 157

Structural Features of Cells of the Islets of Langerhans in Offspring with Alloxonic Diabetes (Review Article)

Oripov Firdavs Suratovich, Togaeva Gulnora Siddikovna, Davranova Aziza Davranovna

158 - 162

Assessment of the Results for the Treatment of the Combined Soft Tissue Wounds with Ozone in the Maxillofacial Region

Farkhod Abdurakhmonov, Jasur Rizayev, Shukhrat Boymurodov,Davron Ibragimov, Sanjar Kholboev, Rakhmatullo Usmonov

177 - 183

Choice of Contraception Method after Abdominal Delivery in Women with Excessive Body Weight

Agababyan Larisa Rubenovna, Abdullaeva Lagiya Mirzatullayevna, Nasirova Zebiniso Azizovna, Boboraximova Umida Musaevna

184 - 191

Preeclampsia A Modern View to the Problem, Methods of Prognosis and Early Diagnosis Based on Clinic?-Genetic Predictors

Agababyan Larisa Rubenovna, Negmadjanov Baxodur Boltaevich, Makhmudova Sevara Erkinovna, Xamraev Xumoyun Xamzaevich

192 - 202

Influence of a Short-Action Inhibitor on the Course of Chronic Heart Failure

Agababyan Irina Rubenovna, Ismailova Yulduz Abduvokhidovna, Soleva Sitora Shakhobovna, Sadikova Shahboza Shakhobiddinovna

203 - 206

The Role of Vascular Pathology in the Development and Progression of Deforming Osteoarthritis of the Joints of the Lower Extremities (Literature Review)

O. A. Khamidov, I. Yu. Khodzhanov, B. M. Mamasoliev, D. Sh. Mansurov, A. A. Davronov, A. M. Rakhimov

214 - 225

The State of Periodontal Tissues in Athletes Engaged in Cyclic Sports

Akhme Dov Alisher Astanovich, Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich, Sadikov Abdushukur Abdujamilevich, Turayev Alimjan Bakhriddnovich

235 - 241

Modern Approaches to Surgical Treatment of Fractures of the Zyno-Orbital Region

Alisher Sh?vkatovich Akhrorov, Barno Zhurakhonovna Pulatova , Khatamov Erkin Beknazarovich, Narzieva Dilfuza Bakhtiyorovna

242 - 250

Results of the Study of Indicators of Phosphorus-Calcium Metabolism in Patients with Partial Secondary Adentia

Ilkhom Ikromovich Khasanov, Jasur Alimdzhanovich Rizaev, Jakhongir Ubaydullaevich Abduvakilov, Kakhramon Erkinovich Shomurodov, Barno Zhurakhonovna Pulatova

251 - 258

Pharmacogenetics - A New Word in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Khalimbetova Nazira Yusufovna, Shukhrat Khudayberdievich Ziyadullaev, Irina Rubenovna Agababyan, Jamshid Abduraimovich Ismailov

259 - 265

Clinical and Laboratory Peculiarities of Prolonged Current of Non-Social Pneumonia in Children

Khaydarova Sarvinoz Khaidarjonovna, Jalilov Asliddin Kholmatovich

266 - 277

Features of Anti-Hipertension Therapy in Overweight Pations

Agababyan Irina Rubenovna, Pulatova Kristina Samvelovna, Jabbarova Nafisa Mamasolievna, Davurov Shodiyor Shokiro'g'li

278 - 283

The Role of Cytokine Genes Polymorphism in the Development of Chronic Viral Hepatitis

Fayzullaev Khayrulla, Asilova Mukhayyo, Kamalov Zayniddin, Ziyadullaev Shukhrat

284 - 292

Under Publication Process

Author 1

293 - 299

Diagnostic Criteria of Encephalitis in Children

G. K. Sadikova, H. U. Berdieva

300 - 307

Financial Flow Assessment for Water Supply Optimization in Uzbekistan under Climate Change

Sh. T. Iskandarova, M. I. Khasanova, I. A. Usmanov, M. F. Fayzieva, N. A. Maksudova

324 - 338

Features of Distance Learning Organization

S. K. Nazarova, G. A. Jalilova, N. S. Mukhamedova, N. F. Rasulova

339 - 347

Phytotherapy in the Complex Treatment of Patients with Drug-Resistant Forms of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Fatima ?ashpulatova, Nilufar Shamshieva, Vera Mukhteremova, Nadejda Medvedeva, Alisher ?urbanov

367 - 372

Risk Factors for Complications of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract in Thermal Injuries

Fayazov Abdulaziz, Babajanov Akhmadjon, Akhmedov Adkham, Toirov Abdukhamid, Djalolov Davlatshokh

373 - 379

Dopplerometric Examinations in Women with Uterine Myoma and Liver Pathology in Anamnesis

Sadullaeva U. A., Kayumova D. T., Najmutdinova D. K., Karimov A. X., Akhmedova G. A., Chorieva G. Z.

380 - 386

Synthesis 3- (8 - Benzodioxocin 1, 6 - Il) - 4-?-Coumarin

Gulzira Ismailova, Sabirdjan Arifdjanov, Mukhametamin Shertaev, Iroda Sultanbekova, Makhamadzarif Kadirov

387 - 391

Influence of Changes in the Microelemental Composition of Blood on the Development and Progression of Myopia

Durbek Azizbekovich Ikramov, Botir Tolqinovich Buzrukov, Azizbek Fazilovich Ikramov, Otabek Azizbekovich Ikramov

392 - 400

Challenges and Issues of Data Analytics in Emerging Scenarios for Big Data, Cloud and Image Mining

A Madhuri, S. Phani Praveen, D Lokesh Sai Kumar, S Sindhura, Sai Srinivas Vellela

412 - 423

Ace2 Receptor on Oral Mucosa: The Doorway to Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Shilpi Gupta, Dr. Imam Baig, Dr. Nabila Sharif, Dr. Heena Gandhi

455 - 459

Investigation of Magneto-Optical Properties of Ferro Fluid Nanoparticles by Optical Transmittance

Balakrishnan Chinnu, K. R. S. Prasad, K. Suresh Babu, G. Narsinga Rao

460 - 466

Developmental Perspective of Organ Transplantation

R. S. Solanki, Akshaya Desai

477 - 489

Comparative Analysis of Organ Transplantation

R. S. Solanki, Akshaya Desai

490 - 506

Factors Affecting Days Open in Dairy Cattle

Audai Sabah Asker, Mohannad K. Aremmt, A. T. Ahmed, A. A. Omar, A. F. Majeed, Omar T. Hammoodi

564 - 568

Virulence Factors and Clinical Features of Streptococcus Pyogenes : Overview

Saade Abdalkareem Jasim, Zainab Amer Hatem, Zainab Abd Mohammed

603 - 614

Implications of Scientific Aid in Criminal Investigation

Dr. Anjum Parvez, Prof.(Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna

615 - 622

An Unusual Case of Impacted Maxillary Canine and Missing Bilateral Mandibular Lateral Incisors- A Case Report

Dr. Manu Goel, Dr. Tejasvini Dehankar, Dr. Siddhesh Latke, Dr.Sanjeev Singh

639 - 641

Chronic Herpesviral Neuroinfection and Symptomatic Epilepsy (Literature Review) and The Results of our Own Research

Adambaev Z.I., Kilichev I.A., Ismailova M.O., Khudoibergenov N.Yu., Niyazmetov M.R.

680 - 691

On Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Oncological Care for Breast Cancer Patients in the Andijan Region and the City of Andijan

Dilfuzahon Mamarasulova, Dilbarkhon Urmanbaeva, Doniyor Khasanov, Oybek Jalolov, Zuhriddin Isaev

699 - 706

State of Inhalation of Glycerosine on Ventilation-Perfusion Parameters of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Alyavi A.L., Rakhimova D.A., Atakhodzhaeva G.A., Sabirzhanova Z.T., Gazieva H.Sh., Usmanova U.Sh.

707 - 711

Pharmacokinetic Parallels of Gentamicin in Blood, Lymph Nodes and Soft Tissues of a Gunshot Wound to an Extremity by Different Methods of Administration

Kamal Karimov, Djurakhon Saidkhodjaeva, Adkham Kasimov, Bakhtiyorjon Matkarimov, Dilshodjon Azizov

723 - 729

Mathematical Assessment of the Risk of Developing Dysfunctions of Autonomic and Thyroid Statuses from the Point of View of Evidence-Based Medicine

Mavjuda Abdullaeva, Dilafruz Nishonova, Ranokhon Abdulkhakova, Zamira Bakhavadinova, Doniyor Abdullaev

730 - 736

Risk Factors, Clinical Characteristics Juvenile Dysmenorrhea

Azadakhon Yuldasheva, Sadokatkhon Shokirova, Gulnoz Turaeva, Umida Yusupova, Dilfura Parpieva

737 - 745

The Effect of Taurine on the Clinical Course and Mid-Term Prognosis of Chronic Heart Failure in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

Rafikjan Yuldashev, Ismailov Ibragimjon, Zebo Yunusova, Bakhtiyar Dauletbaev, Mukhiddin Abdurahmonov

746 - 752

Under Publication Process

Under Publication Process

764 - 771

Under Publication Process

Under Publication Process

805 - 810

Comparison of Age based Motor Unit Synchronization between Lower Limb Muscles during Dynamic and Isometric Squats

Yeong-Eung Kang, Seong-Jun Kim, Je-Min Lee, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jin-Seop Kim, Jae-Ho Yu

895 - 904

Analysis of Association between Sarcopenia and Lifestyle Patterns in Adults

Hae-In Kim, Myung-Chul Kim, Mi-Hye Park, Jean-Kyung Paik, Duk-Young Jung

905 - 910

The Comparison Between Before and After Cross Bag Walking Intervention on Gait Parameter and Center of Pressure

Geon-Mo Kim, Seong-Ho Lee, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jin-Seop Kim, Jae-Ho Yu

911 - 917

Effect of Core Stabilization Exercise on Cobb's Angle and Balance of Scoliosis Patients

Sang Woong Park, Junghyun Kwon, Yeong Cheol Heo, Wonjong Yu

922 - 926

Effects of Different Resting Positions on the Heart and Respiratory Rate After Aerobic Exercise

Dae-Geun Kwak, Dong-Woo Yang, Jae-Hwan Song, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-Seop Kim

937 - 943

College Students Attitudes toward Cigarette Advertisement and Smoking Perception: Focusing on Sexual Difference

Joo-Young Lee, Ha-Eun Jang, Kyoung-Beom Kim, Min-Hee Heo, Young Dae Kwon, Young-Nam Kim, Jin-Won Noh

956 - 963

Regional Disparities in Emergency Care based on Medical Resource and Transfer Rate

Sang-Kyu Park, Jee Hee Kim, Tai-Hwan Uhm, So-Yeon Shin

1233 - 1241

A Study on the Consciousness Survey about COVID19

Shinhong Min, Soonyoung Yun

1248 - 1257

Comparison of Dietary Habits According to Depression and Stress in the Elderly

Jean Kyung Paik, Jung Hyun Kwak, Hye-Jin Park, Myung-Chul Kim, Il-Hoon Cho, Hang-Sik Park

1340 - 1347

Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in People with Mobility Disabilities

Soo-Kyung Bok, Youngshin Song, Hyunsuk Choi, Hyunkyung Shin

1358 - 1369

The Comparison of Cardiopulmonary Function of Smokers and Non-Smokers during Running and Rowing Exercise

Jae-Wook Lee, Nekar Daekook M., Ji-Su Park, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jin-Seop Kim, Jae-Ho Yu

1370 - 1381

Comparison of the Ratio of Quadriceps Muscle Activation between the MVIC and the Unloaded Knee Extension

Gun-Ho Shin, Da-Jin Jeong, Myeong-Hyeon Chae, Dong-Yeop Lee, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-Seop Kim, Jiheon Hong

1443 - 1452

Initial Effects of Different Recovery Methods of Vital Sign After

Cha-Woo Kim, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-Seop Kim

1489 - 1499

Some Adults' Awareness of Natural Toothpaste

Youn-Soo Shim, So-Youn An, So-Young Park

1518 - 1530

Factors Associated with Perceived Stress: Focused on Daily Walking and Access to Exercise Facilities

Kyoung-Beom Kim, Min-Hee Heo, Young Dae Kwon, Jong-Hwa Jang, Jin-Won Noh

1531 - 1541

Anti-Inflammatory Potentials of Silkworm extracts

Dokyeong Kim, Kyung-Hee Kang

1580 - 1588

Effects of Somatosensory Training on Dynamic Balance for the Cerebellar Ataxia

Jung-Woo Jeong, Sung-Ryong Ma, Byung-Il Yang, Ha-Na Kim, So-Young Han, Bo-Kyoung Song

1757 - 1769

Effects of Spaced Retrieval Training on Memory for the Herpes Encephalitis in Hippocampus

Jung-Woo Jeong, Byung-Il Yang, Ha-Na Kim, So-Young Han, Sung-Ryong Ma, Bo-Kyoung Song

1789 - 1800

Analysis of Contamination Characteristics in The Hand Function Evaluation Process

Bo-Kyoung Song, Byung Il Yang, Ha-Na Kim, So-Young Han, Jung-Woo Jeong, Sung-Ryong Ma, Seoul-Hee Nam

1801 - 1809

Study on the Recognition Level of Examination Baseline in Brain CT Examination

Sung-Hun Jeong, Cheong-Hwan Lim, Myung-Jun Chae, Eun-Hye Kim

1824 - 1834

A Complete Study on a Substantial Ecological Model

K.V.L.N. Acharyulu, G. Basava Kumar, M.N. Srinivas, I. Pothu Raju

1835 - 1844

Impact of Diffusion on a Special Ecosystem

K.V.L.N. Acharyulu, G. Basava Kumar, I. Pothuraju, S.V. Vasavi

1845 - 1852

Influence of Noise Effect on a Peculiar Ecostystem

K.V.L.N. Acharyulu, G. Basava Kumar, K. Nagamani, I. Rajeswari

1853 - 1860

An Efficient Computer Aided Diagnosis Model for Citrus Disease Detection

E. Indra, P. R. Jayanthi, M. Vengadapathiraj, Dr. R. Balamanigandan, D. Saranya, T. Priyaradhikadevi

1872 – 1880

Emotion and Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning

Kalpana G., Pranav Kumar K., Sudhakar J., Sowndarya P.

1906 - 1911

Applications of Deep Learning: A Review

S. Radhika, K. Anitha, R. Sabitha, Nalini M., J. Aswini

1927 - 1934

Article Retracted


1947 - 1955

A Hotspot Framework for Analyzing Geolocated Travel Data Using Spark

L. Maria Michael Visuwasam, Subbiah Swaminathan, S. Rajalakshmi, K. Pradheep Kumar

1956 - 1966

An Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Levels in Islamic Banks Based on Marketing Mix as a Measurement Tool

Budiyono, Muhammad Tho’in, Dewi Muliasari, Serly Andini Restu Putri

2004 - 2012

Evaluation of Feeding Practices for Infants and Children (PMBA) for Stunting Children in Lombok

Lina Nurbaiti, Nurpudji Astuti Taslim, Mochammad Hatta, Agussalim Bukhari

2019 - 2027

The Negative Mental Health Condition among Different Occupational Group in Shaanxi Province of China during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kun Guo, Jing Ouyang, Simin Bai, Xiaoye Zhang, Mingyu Si, Youlin Qiao, Suhainizam Muhamad Saliluddin

2028 - 2034

Outcomes of the Course Mathematics in the Modern World:

Richard N. Verdeflor, Lanie M. Pacadaljen

2044 - 2061

The Comparison of Hind Limb Mass Loss in House Mice Preserved with Advanced Fixative Solutions of Ethanol - Glycerin and 4% Formaldehyde

Ria Margiana, Amanda Natalie Wijaya, Sasanthy Kusumaningtyas, Deswaty Furqonita, Rahmadini

2087 - 2093

Visual Impairment: Blind School Survey at Gurugram Haryana India

Suneel Kr. Dixit, Dr. Hitendra Ahooja, Mahesh Sharma, Gaurav Dubey, Dr. Himanshu Tripathi, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Md. Masihhuzzaman, Nitesh Pradhan

2126 - 2140

An Empirical Study on the Influence of FII on Indian IPOs

Saravana Krishnan V., Nandhini M.

2141 - 2148

A Study of Usefulness of Nasalspacer in Post Endoscopic Middle Meatus Patency

G.C. Vijaya Sai, S. Rajasekaran, M. K. Rajasekar

2175 - 2184


P. Fathima, S. Rajasekaran, M.K. Rajasekar

2201 - 2216


Anjana Christ, K.Mohan Raj, M. Balakrishnan

2217 - 2236


Dhanya. T, Sridhara Narayanan. D, M.K. Rajasekar

2237 - 2253


K Vinodini, B. Kiran Madhusudhan

2254 - 2279


Mohammed Irshad Basha. A, Venkatachalam. K, Vijay Narasimman

2314 - 2333


S. Ramesh Kumar, M.S. Sridharanarayanan, M. K.Rajasekar

2354 - 2367


Jigeesha Preethi. M, Chandrsekaran. B

2462 - 2478

Associations Between FecalsIgA Level with Neonatal Sepsis

Jeanette I. Ch. Manoppo, Dr. Nelly Mayulu, Fahrul Nurkolis

2536 - 2544

Evaluation of Feeding Practices for Infants and Children (PMBA) for Stunting Children in Lombok

Lina Nurbaiti, Nurpudji Astuti Taslim, Mochammad Hatta, Agussalim Bukhari

2554 - 2560

Study on Performance of Offices of Dentists

Dr. Pasupuleti Venkata Rajesh, P Venkata Vijay Kumar

2565 - 2576


Ria Margiana, Kamila Alawiyah, Sasanthy Kusumaningtyas, Khoirul Ima

2616 - 2624


Shitij Srivastava, Abhinav Shekhar, Love Bhatia, Anshuman Chaturvedi, Shivesh Singh, Deepak Nair, Dr. Anshuman Chaturvedi

2625 - 2637


Dr. Raghavendra Havale, Dr. Dhanu G. Rao, Dr. Shrutha S. P., Dr. Badar Omera Fatima, Dr. Syeda Subia Sara, Dr. Neha Bemalgi

2638 - 2650

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2651 - 2656

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2665 - 2676


Ria Margiana, Amanda Natalie Wijaya, Sasanthy Kusumaningtyas, Deswaty Furqonita, Rahmadini

2677 - 2682

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2683 - 2691

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2692 - 2701

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2702 - 2706

Under Publication Process

Author 1

2707 - 2714


Jyothi Elizabeth Roy, V. S. Kalaiselvi, B. Shanthi

2715 - 2727


Ankit Manam, C. Ramakrishnan, Nn. Anand

2772 - 2781


Syed Mohammed Javid M. S. A., V. Padma

2802 - 2810


Anusha Nithyasundar, D. Sridhara Narayanan, M. K. Rajasekar

2980 - 2997

Fake News on Covid-19 Pandemic

Seuk Yen Phoong, Seuk Wai Phoong, Kok Hau Phoong

3056 - 3061

Environmental Care Strategies by a Palm Oil Miller

Er. A. H. Choy, Sharifah Rafida Syed Abdul Rahman, Dira Shahira Begum Doulath Sharif, Nur Marina Ibrahim, Auni Aisha Mohd. Nawi, Noordeyana Tambi, Azianura Hani Shaari, Marlyna Maros

3062 - 3080

Pest Disturbance in Edible Bird Nest Swiftlet House

Wan Khairy W. I., Munirah Abd. Rahman, Nur Fatihah Nabilah Ahmad Jelani, Mohd. Rafi Yaacob

3081 - 3085

Suitable Habitat and Environmental Conditions for Succesfull Edible Bird Nest Swiftlet Houses

Wan Khairy W. I., Munirah Abd. Rahman, Nur Fatihah Nabilah Ahmad Jelani, Mohd. Rafi Yaacob

3086 - 3096

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Visual Monitoring in Construction

Norhayati Ngadiman, Masiri Kaamin, Muhammad Akmal Hakim Mohd. Nizam, Muhammad Afnan Hariz Johar, Muhammad Aliff Roslin

3097 - 3104

Formal Generalization of Cyber Bullying: A Review Study

Shazaitul Azreen Rodzalan, Hanaf Arif, Noor Nazihah Mohd. Noor

3105 - 3117

The Linkage between E Government and Citizens’ Satisfaction in UAE

Qambar Mohamed Sabah Obaid, Md. Fauzi Ahmad

3118 - 3130

Use of Minimum Land in Tobacco Farming

Zulfikar Noormasnyah, Eri Cahrial, Dedi Djuliansah

3131 - 3137

Land Optimization as a Surviving Strategy of Farmers Family in Narrow Lands

Rina Nuryati, Faqihuddin, Cici Aulia Permata Bunda

3138 - 3149

Slice-Based Integrity Authentication Scheme for Secure 5G User Equipment Communication

Sakthibalan Pandiyan, Dr. Devarajan Krishnamoorthy

3192 - 3198

Biogeochemistry Properties of Calcisols and Capparis Spinosa L.

Muzaffar Obidov Valijanovich et al.

3227 - 3235

Diagnostic Utility of Procalcitonin and Crp in the Detection of Bacterial Infection in Patients of Abdominal Sepsis

Dr. Kshiti Mahuli, Dr. Chandrashekhar Mahakalkar, Dr. Meenakshi Yeola (Pate)

3339 - 3345

A Study of Correlation between Cholelithiasis and Hypothyroidism (Subclinical or Clinical) in a Rural Set Up

Dr. Varun Santoshrao Kulkarni, Dr. Imran Ali Khan, Dr. Meenakshi Yeola (Pate)

3434 - 3440

Holistic Approach of Ozone in Dentstry

Dr. Priyanka Paul Madhu, Dr. Kumar Gaurav Chhabra, Dr. Amit Reche

3441 - 3447

Phototherapy in Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia: An Overview

Dr. Chitturi Venkata Sai Akhil, Dr. Sachin Damke

3448 - 3462

Chronic Diseases Prediction Using Machine Learning – A Review

Shweta Agarwal, Dr. Chander Prabha, Dr. Meenu Gupta

3495 - 3511

Potential Role and Mechanism of Probiotics

Heenu Sharma, Jasveen Bajwa

3616 - 3624

Production and Challenges of Plant based Vaccines

Sonia Sharma, Neelam P Negi

3625 - 3639

IoT based Smart Healthcare Monitoring System: A Systematic Review

Gagandeep Kaur, Dr. Meenu Gupta, Dr. Rakesh Kumar

3721 - 3728

Pathophysiology and Treatment of Psoriasis

Shivangi Abrol, Sima Singh

3738 - 3745

Multiple Molecular Pathways Unfolding the Pathophysiology of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Simerjeet Kaur Chahal, Pradeep Goyal, Rupinder Kaur Sodhi

3746 - 3765

Middle Ear Adenoma- A Rare Pathologic Encounter

Shweta Pandey, Arvind Bhake, Akriti Jain

3815 - 3820

Pharmaceutical Analytical Standardization of Mahanilvarti

Dr. Roshna Sukhdeoji Bhutada et al.

3855 - 3863

Effect of Formaldehyde on Pulmonary Parameters in Medical Students – An observational study

Dr. V Ravi Kumar, Dr. M. C. Sudhakaran, Dr Vaibhav Anjankar

3864 - 3869

Comparative Study of Open versus Closed Technique of Split Skin Grafting

Dr. Cherukula Anil Reddy, Dr. S. N. Jajoo, Dr. Meenakshi Yeola (PATE)

3947 - 3955

Serum Lactatevis-A-Vis Anion Gap as Prognostic Markers in Sepsis

Apurva Dubey, Sourya Acharya, Sunil Kumar

3981 - 3989

Study of Expression of KAI-1 in Breast Carcinoma

Dr. Bharati Thakur et al.

3990 - 3997

Role of MDCT in Evaluation of GI Malignancy with Histopathological Correlation

Dr. Bhavik Unadkat, Dr. Shivali Vaibhav Kashikar

3998 - 4005

Study of Frozen Section in Oral Cancer in Context to Metachromatic Stain

Dr. Pragyamita Datta, Dr.Kishor Hiwale, Dr.Sunita Vagha

4110 - 4118

Dermoscopic Assessment in Cases of Topical Steroid Damaged Face

Dr. Raavi Ramapure, Dr. Sugat Jawade

4119 - 4125

To Establish Role of P63 in Evaluating Prostatic Proliferative Lesions

Dr. Shruti B Bajaj, Dr. Sunita Vagha, Dr. Samarth Shukla

4155 - 4160

Role of Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Causes of Hematuria

Dr. Vadlamudi Nagendra, Dr. Rajasbala Pradeep Dhande

4169 - 4175

Induction of Labour

Dr. Sanjivani Wanjari, Dr. Anil Wanjari

4210 - 4226

Plasmodiosis on Rhyticeros Cassidix

Putri Jelita, Magfirah

4249 - 4253

SOECS: Scheduling based Optimal Energy Clustering Scheme for WSN

C. Arivalai, G. Mani, R. Sathesh Raaj, K. R. Sekar, K. Vinoth Kumar

4321 - 4328

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