Comparison Of Pain Perception During Debonding Between Conventional And Vibratory Therapy

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JananiJayapal, Uma Maheshwari, DevakiVijayalakshmi


Aim of the study: The main intent of the study is to evaluate the pain perception during debonding using low-level vibrational therapy.

Materials and methods: This split-mouth study design examined 36 patients, who had approached the final stage of debonding procedure after completion of their fixed orthodontic appliance therapy. Before starting of the debonding procedure, arch wires were removed from both the arches. Group I – comprised of the control side in which conventional debonding was done and Group II-comprised of the experimental side where the application of low-level vibrations prior to debonding procedure was carried out. Post this, patients were requested to rate their pain perception scores in visual analogue scale. The data were evaluated using IBM.SPSS statistics software 23.0 version and the probability value was predetermined as 0.05 and was considered significant value.

Results: The results derived from the present study suggest that there is a highly significant reduction in pain levels using vibrations (16.23%). Upon comparing the maxillary and (12.3%) mandibular arch (20.9%), there was significant reduction in pain perception in the mandibular arch.Amongst the various regions, highly significant pain reduction was evident in mandibular anterior teeth(p<0.001) followed by maxillary posterior(p<0.001), maxillary anterior(p<0.032) and mandibular posterior teeth respectively (<0.052).

Conclusion: Low-level vibratory therapy prior to debonding procedure reduces pain level significantly. On comparing maxilla and mandible, pain intensitywasmuch lower in the mandible when compared with the maxilla. Highest pain reduction was evident in the mandibular anterior region teeth, and the least was encountered in the mandibular posterior region.

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