Effect of early exposure of Acorus calamus on development of wistar rat off springs

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Kavitha.U, Kayalvizhi.E, Revathi.K, V.P.Sundravadivel, Muthulakshmi.R


Introduction: Acorus calamus is commonly called as sweet flag and it plays a major role in alternative medicine. The extract prepared from rhizome part posesses activity like anticonvulsant, antispasmotic and antidepressant etc. Action of phytochemicals of this extract on various systems like CNS, Gastrointestinal were analysed in adult rats. But the effects of A.calamus on developing brain in young rat offsprings have to be studied. Hence the study was undertaken with the aim, to assess the effects of early exposure of A.calamus on behavioural development of wistar rat off springs. Rat off springs were divided into two groups. On 3rd postnatal day Group 1 (n=6) was given normal saline orally. Group 2 (n=6) was given Ethanolic extract of A.calamus by orally in the dose of 600mg/kg. Both group rats off springs were observed for weight gain, ear and eye opening time. After one week of postnatal period Geotaxis test and olfactory discrimination test were done. Weight was significantly increased in group II when compared to control group. Olfactory discrimination latency time was lower in treated group. Average days of Eye and ear opening were better in study group. Ethanolic extract of A.calamus can be considered as appetite stimulant in immature rats. It may also have positive role in developing brain by promoting the maturation of nervous system.

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Kavitha.U, Kayalvizhi.E, Revathi.K, V.P.Sundravadivel, Muthulakshmi.R. (2020). Effect of early exposure of Acorus calamus on development of wistar rat off springs. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 564–572. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/9710