A Study On Influence Of Social Media In Interpersonal Communication

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Ms. R.Vidhya, Dr.K.Kalaiselvi


Typically, Interpersonal Communication Is Inevitable In Everyday Life, Especially It Gives Overall Physical And Emotional Happiness. Interpersonal Communication In Social Media Influence The Attitudes And Behavior Of Others. Interpersonal Communication Can Be Planned Or Unplanned, But Since It Is Interactive, Social Media Is A Powerful Communications Medium, Because Of Billions Of People Around The World Use Social Media To Share Information And Make Connections With Widespread Influence Over Cities As Well As Remote Areas. However, It Is Only Part Of The Digital Revolution That We Are Witnessing.  It Is Usually More Structured And Influenced By Social Expectations Than Intrapersonal Communication. The Regular Media Such As The Television, Radio, And Newspaper Allows Only One-Way Communication, Whereas Social Media Gives A Platform For Interaction Among The Users. Social Media Is Of Much Help To Those Who Find It More Liberating And Comfortable To Interact Online In Place Of Conversing Face-To-Face Because Of Nervousness. Digital Transformation Has Not Only Influenced Businesses And Made The World More Accessible, But It Has Also Changed The Way We Communicate. This Paper Presents General Theory Of Interpersonal Communication In Social Media And Also Reflects The Impact Of Social Media And Way Of Style Followed By People To   Communicate With Each Other.

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Ms. R.Vidhya, Dr.K.Kalaiselvi. (2020). A Study On Influence Of Social Media In Interpersonal Communication. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 948–954. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/9357