Selenium Based Automation Of Browsers

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Deepak Kumar, Lakshay Bansal, Rajat Rathore, Mr. Ravi Sharma


These days Instagram is a notable photograph and video sharing long range interpersonal communication Administration. In which client can transfer their photographs and recordings and furthermore observe others photograph and video by following other client on Instagram and give a like and compose a remark on the photographs or video. In this task, we will construct a selenium[2] based bot that can assist us with shipping off like and remark on the post of any record on Instagram just by giving the Instagram Id of the record of which we need to like and remark and on the off chance that you need to like, remark and need to follow the individual which post is identified with a specific hastag then this bot will assist you with making this simple by giving tha hastag name. Selenium is an open-source device that is utilized for mechanizing the tests completed on internet browsers. I as of late followed somebody truly notable individual on Instagram. I needed to like and remark on each post of that individual however the quantity of all out posts was enormous state like 1000. Anybody can have the present circumstance where he needs to like and comment on all the posts of a person but it may take so much time to do this task.

Preferring and remarking all the posts was an exceptionally dull and tedious assignment, so we computerized this undertaking. utilizing selenium[2] based bot. This Bot enjoyed and remarked on all the posts and dazzled me just as that individual moreover.

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