Protective Effect of Vitamin D against Harmful Effect of Cell Phone Radiation Exposure on Albino Rat Testis

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Yasmeen Akmal Ahmed Diab, Mohamed Abd ALRaoufAlghannam. Randa Salah Gomaa, EmanR.Abozaid


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the possible effects of electromagnetic
radiation from cell phone use on the oxidant and antioxidant status in testicular tissue and
determine the possible protective role of vitamins D in modulating effect of chronic exposure to
cell phone radiation on the testicular functions of male albino rats and its underlying
MATERIALS AND METHODS: control group A (vehicle treated) andthe rats were exposed
to the mobile phone while it was switched off. In Group B mobile radiation exposed (call
mode) + vehicle treated and Group C: mobile radiation exposed (call mode) + oral
administration of vitamin D by gavage (500 IU/Kg/day). Group B and C were exposed to the
same electromagnetic frequency for 60 min daily for 6 weeks.
RESULTS: Mobile radiation exposure in male rats induced significant decrease in serum FSH,
LH, testosterone levels, epididymal sperm count, sperm motility with insignificant changes in
either body weight gain or testicular weight, significant increase in testicular malondialdehyde
(MDA) with significant decrease in testicular antioxidant SOD and GPx activity in comparison
to control group and showed structural changes in the form of rupture of the basement
membrane, dropped off spermatogenic cells, inter tubular fibrosis and leydig cells hyperplasia.
However, administration of vitamin D resulted in a significant recovery of all the abovementioned
parameters in the mobile radiation exposed rats' group.
CONCLUSION:we confirmed the harmful effect of mobile phone radiations on testicular
function in male albino rats, in addition, we confirmed the protective effect of Vitamin

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