Suggested exercises to develop the aerobic capabilities for diabetes

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Dr. Karrar Abdullah Mohsin AlDahsh,Dr. Duaa Awadh Attwaan, Sadeq Jaber Mtani


The great development in the sports field and the difference in the levels and records of sports games, especially in the game of football, because of the great effort it needs in a long period of time, so update sports programs are included that help the player rise from one level to a better level.
Through this problem, we address some sports groups of players who are not shed light or are not interested in them, such as players who suffer from diabetes, where such a group of athletes need special care, in addition to biting training programs. Periodic measurements of blood sugar differ from what they are. When other athletes, that is the physical and respiratory problems of players with diabetes rise more when compared with regular athletes who do not suffer from such a disease.
Therefore, we made a program of suggested exercises to develop the aerobic capabilities of the respiratory system and what indicates them, and through it, the minimum health status of the player can be monitored.

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