Smart Entertainer System Using Deep Learning

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Haritha B., Girija S., Barkavi B., Balamurugan A.


Nowadays, people tend to increasingly have more stress thanks to the bad economy, high living expenses, countenance plays awfully important role in human's way of life and advanced technologies. Countenance recognition has received significant interest from computer scientists and psychologists over recent decades, a sit holds promise to an abundance of applications. Facial Detection, which is that the inherent ability of a tool to detect the presence and site of a face within an input image. This method will scan the input image, smoothens it out, reduce the noise and disturbance within the image and so detect the presence of a face within it by checking the arbitrary value of every pixel within the image. Finally, after running the model through enough tests, it'll successfully be ready to tell the difference between various human facial expressions and categorize it under the apt emotion This proposed system supported real-time extraction of face expression of a personality's is recognized using Convolution Neural Network Algorithm using that classify into a particular emotion that may stream a video automatically specified the computation cost is comparatively low.

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Haritha B., Girija S., Barkavi B., Balamurugan A. (2021). Smart Entertainer System Using Deep Learning. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 540–547. Retrieved from