Automatic Pet Feeder Using Arduino IoT

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Archana P., Bojraj R., Rajeshraj P., Sakthivel K., Saravanan N.


The work is concerning pet taking care of gadget is precisely for a day by day least measure of your season of eight hours once all people of more distant family individuals square measure occupied at work for the endurance inside the tram urban areas and elective urban communities. This happened upon is constrained by the Mobile application precisely. The pets of home will get food once Associate in Nursing timespan hours and accordingly a similar will be observed exploitation portable application and thusly the proprietor of the pet unendingly ensure concerning the taking care of the pet especially canines and felines once they square measure occupied at work. It’s a brilliant arrangement to shield the pets from starving at whatever point no one is gathering and each one square measure occupied with their planned routine works and occupation at working environment or in business. The cost of a consideration taking of a pet has been diminished down due to the starting of such machine inside the market. Such arrangement is by and large worldwide acquiring popular on account of programmed framework and portable application association.

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Archana P., Bojraj R., Rajeshraj P., Sakthivel K., Saravanan N. (2021). Automatic Pet Feeder Using Arduino IoT. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 223–228. Retrieved from