Multi-Keyword Similarity Search Using Asymmetric Encryption

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K. Madan Mohan, Dr. B. V. Ram Naresh Yadav


Cloud computing has become a new ground for everyone. This allows for new types of services where online computing and network resources are available. Anyone who want to use it can pay and use online service. One of the most popular cloud computing services is data outsourcing. Many business organizations have already benefited a great deal from Remote Data Rooms. The major concern is the security of this data stored on remote untrusted cloud servers. There should be no concerns over personal health data such as emails, income tax and financial reports because of use of well-known cryptography to protect sensitive data such as that. Encrypted access to digital data makes search retrieval of information difficult. A lot of techniques are used for encrypted data used by AWS and Google Cloud. Besides Searchable encryption, you can store encrypted documents on a remote, unbiased server, and query that data on the server itself with no need to decrypt before searching. This way, client-side encryption is both safer and more cost effective than server-side encryption.

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K. Madan Mohan, Dr. B. V. Ram Naresh Yadav. (2021). Multi-Keyword Similarity Search Using Asymmetric Encryption. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 11423–11438. Retrieved from