Identification of Proper Machine Learning Classification Model based on Image Annotation Technique

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Ms. Kavitha S., Dr. Vidyaathulasiraman


The ovary is a complex organ, the detection of the ovarian cancer is done at an early stage so that the death rate of women may decrease to certain level. The woman of old age have chance for suffering the severe illness of ovarian cancer. Depends upon the research 7th mortality rate for woman is this ovarian cancer and this one is the 5th normal cancer across the globe. By the use of ANN Artificial neural networks, lot of innovators classified the ovarian cancer. Decision making among the doctors believed in accuracy classification as the efficient factor. Accurate and Early diagnosis decreases the rate of mortality and secures life. In this paper a new annotated ovarian image classification using FR-CNN(fast region-based CNN) is proposed on segmented ROI basis. Input images are classified into three kinds they are epithelial, germ and stroma cells. Preprocessing and segmenting the images and then the process of annotation is proceded by FR-CNN. This work contrasts the features of annotation process and   features which are trained in FRCNN manually for the purpose of classification which is region based. This  will guide in the process of examining the increase accuracy. Completing the FRCNN training in region- based through the combination of classifiers like SVC- Support vector and Gaussian Naives Bayes. Because of increased indexing of data, the ensembling method was utilized in feature classification. Results of simulation provides the accurate part of input image for detecting ovarian cancer.

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