Charging Time Control Lerusingarduino

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Arun Francis G., Chandru L., Arun Kumar B., Nithesh Kumar R., Narendran S.


This project titled “Charging time controller usingArduino”isdesigned to charge your device for a pre-defined amount of time. Usually,mobile phonesare charged using charging adapter or sometimes powerbank is used. When you forget to switchoff the charge adapter that you plugged in the device there occurs a issue. That is when the charge is full and the switch is in ON state. Advanced software’s has the feature to disconnect power from the charging adapter to the battery, when the device gets to 100%. After that, the device in a charging state known astrickle state. Charging at this time the temperature of thebattery increases. Due to the heat it may affect the life timeofthebattery. Cantherebeanysolutionto overcomethis?Yes, absolutely “Charging Controller” can be agoodalternate.ThemaincomponentofthisprojectisArduino. Initially time is set using a rotary encoder in theLCD 16x2 display. Then charging begins after the charging time gets completed,the chargingadaptergets automatically disconnected using a relay.Consider a scenario, it is 10 pm. You need to charge yourphone for 3 hour, you don’t need to wake up at 1 am to turnoff your charger. You can set to 3 hour in the LCD display, when the time is up automatically the adapter gets disconnected from the power supply at 1 am. You don’t need to think about your phone.

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