Fault Detection System in Underground Transmission Lines

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Thamilizhiyan, Sujith, R. R. Rubia Gandhi


Transmission is the important process in the power system to the use the maximum power which is generated in the system. Maximum utilization of the generated power is guaranteed by adopting a lossless transmission system. At the present scenario, most of the countries are implemented the overhead transmission lines. Due to the less efficiency of power delivery at the utility or consumer side, many countries adopted the underground transmission system. Looking into the underground transmission system, the biggest challenge is fault identification of the system. It is very much difficult to locate the faulted cable in a particular transmission line. Hardly digging the full cable line, which is giving a solution to the problem. Digging the whole system unknowing causes the system into more expensive in detecting the fault. Many people are looking for the good solution for this problem. This project works for the easy fault identification system in the underground cable transmission line from the base station to the distribution side using ARDUINO and IoT. Based on the information obtained from the hardware, the area where the fault occurs is identified and the concerned area can be digged for the fault identification which reduces the complexity in the system.

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