Social Panic Regarding Covid-19

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Rokeya Sultana Jinia



COVID-19 is the unprecedented disease outbreak that world has not witnessed in past hundred years. Infection cases has passed hundred million mark which is a serious cause of concern. This and many other consequences were emerged and the effort of taking comprehensive overview has been done in this article.


The panic situation is always associated with the uncertainty pf the situation. The more people think that the future looks dim, the more panic is aggravated. Also, any danger or perceived danger about basic necessities such as food, cloth and shelter make human being anxious and it tries to deal with it by various method one of which is panic buying which gives it a sense of comfort. Various other aspects are also victim of panic which can be minimized by proper steps taken by competent authority.


Awareness about supply and assurance about future that everything will be alright can provide some sense of relief. Words coming from highest administrative authority are believe by many and panic situation is tackled much more effectively.

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