Effect of Some Plant Extracts: In Vitro Growth of Alternaria Sps

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Naina Srivastava


Alternaria usually attacks aerial parts of its host and symptoms appear as small, circular, dark spots. Control of this pathogen has become an obligatory requirement. In the present study, specie of Alternaria (Alternaria alternata) were selected on the basis of the ability to cause economically important plant diseases.Bioassays revealed that among aqueous and methanol extracts; methanol extract caused maximum inhibition of both the Alternaria species at high concentration of 4% after 5 and 10 days of incubation period. A. alternata displayed maximum inhibition of 100% at higher concentration of 4% after 5 days and 94% after 10 days of incubation. Alternaria species, ubiquitous post harvest pathogens, contribute to the spoilage of 55% of the agricultural output. The study was to evaluate the antifungal activity of extracts some plant species against Alternaria spp.Methanolic extracts from different parts of Polygonum perfoliatum Cymbopogon citratus ,Lantana camara and Mimosa pudica were evaluated for potential antimicrobial activity against Alternaria strains. These plants can be used to discover bioactive natural products that may serve as leads in the development of new pharmaceuticals that address not fulfilled therapeutic needs.

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