Bird Diversity in Urban Areas, Yala, Thailand

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Sasithorn Pangsuban, Jaru Nikom


This study was a survey of bird species in Muang District, Yala,Thailand. A number and species of the appeared birds were compared during the summer reason and the rainy season. All of which are classified as resident species. However, two species were both resident birds and migratory birds. The most common bird species was in Passeridae family order Passeriformes. Besides, it found that during the summer months, the number of bird species was higher than in the rainy season. Considering the Shannon-Wiener Index, birds in the urban area of Yala were low species diversity and abundance, as well as each survey month, was not significantly different. Considering the similarity of bird species, these found that the resemblance between the two seasons was less. And, the similarities during the rainy season were higher than in the summer. The results of this survey suggest that if in the future the urban ecosystem has increased the population or expanded the size of the city without preserving the trees. As a result, the number and type of birds in the city will reduce.

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