A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Opinion, and Potential Acceptance of COVID - 19 Vaccines among the Public

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Dr. Seeta Devi



The pandemic of COVID-19 continues to grow all over the world. At present COVID – 19 vaccine provides the finest anticipation to control the pandemic of COVID- 19. Currently, different types of vaccines are available to control Caronavirus disease. Nevertheless, to check the effectiveness and accuracy of vaccines, people need to be accepted to take the vaccine.

The objective of this study is to assess the awareness, opinion, and acceptance of the COVID – 19 disease vaccines.

Materials and methods

An online-based cross-sectional design was conducted. The sample size was 156 who were aged above 18 years. These samples were chosen by using the snow ball sampling technique. The measurement scale was sent on WhatsApp of the participants by using google form.  A total of 156 samples have responded to questionnaires.  A panel of experts was involved for validation. The measurement scale had mainly evaluated the knowledge, opinion, and acceptance of the participants to the COVID -19 vaccine. The data was analyzed by checking the frequency and percentages, and standard deviation.


Approximately 58 % to 82% of participants were aware of actual symptoms of COVID -19, nearly 72 % to 90 % of participants answered that COVID -19 infection is transmitted by inhalation of respiratory droplets of an infected person and taking uncleaned food and water. In addition to the above results, the majority of the participants aware of wearing a mask, keeping social distance, and frequent sanitization can reduce the contraction of COVID -19 infection. Unpredictably 64.10 % of samples were not willing to take COVID - 19 vaccine while 42.95 % of subjects said they don’t even suggest their friends and relatives take this vaccine.


The results of this study showed that people are having good knowledge about causes, symptoms, and mode of transmission of COVID - 19 infection. However, there are fewer chances for the uptake of the COVID -19 vaccine by people. The public needs to be educated about the working nature of the vaccine. 

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