Opinion of Graduate Nurses on Pursuing ‘Geriatric Nursing’ Course as a Specialty – An Exploratory Study

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Manisha Mistry, Dr. Sonopant G. Joshi


Background: Nursing students’ desire to pursue ‘Geriatric nursing’ as a specialty in postgraduate study is a subject that is under-studied. This study was conducted to assess the opinion of graduate nurses on pursuing ‘Geriatric Nursing’ Course as a specialty.


Methods: An online opinionnaire in the form of Google form was used to survey the participants on pursuing ‘Geriatric Nursing’ as a specialty. The data was collected from 26 June to 6th November 2020.


Results: 62.9% felt that the elderly people in India have very specific needs as compared to other age groups. 48.6% of the samples have re-iterated that Long term care is not optimal in the existing model of tertiary care hospitals. 49.1% feel that elderly engagement has to be incorporated in the existing Nursing curriculum in detail. 36.6% of the samples felt that currently there is no structured pathway of learning and development for nursing careers in elderly care whereas, 30.3% of them stayed neutral. 50.3% of the respondents expressed that they would work in a geriatric ward/facility only after gaining expertise in the field. 49.1% expressed that they would opt for this specialisation only if it attracted a good pay package.


Conclusion: Postgraduate education provides a deeper insight to the specialisation. Geriatric specialty is a not so famous choice among nurses aspiring to pursue their postgraduate studies. The government should take strong steps that the older age people in India must be taken care in the same manner as the children with utmost responsibility. Nurses working closely with the old age groups must get incentives and allowances as any other nurse working in an ICU or CCU.

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