A Study to Assess the Attitude of the Mothers towards Childhood Obesity in Selected Areas of Pune City

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Mrs. Ranjana Chavan, Dr. Sharadha Ramesh



World has witnessed for changing pattern of Nutritional transition characterized by prevalence of iron deficiency anemia, undernutrition along with progressive increase cases of Obesity in the Children and adolescents. Obesity in children is one of the greatest health challenge of 21st century for public and prevalent global public health issue as children. Most of mothers doesn’t aware and understand that Obesity is the health problem during childhood. As per their perception chubby cheeks child is a healthy child. The perception is highly influenced by knowledge, cultural practice and experience of an individual.

Material & Methods

A descriptive study was conducted among mothers in urban area of Pune city.  In this study total 60 samples were participated through Random sampling technique. 3 point Likert’s scale used to assess the attitude of mothers towards childhood obesity. 


The significant finding of the studies are, the respondents aware that obesity is serious health issue (60%), most of the samples are agreed for causative factors of Childhood Obesity. As per the findings 68 % respondents agreed for the advertisements of junk food attracts child to have junk/ fast food.  More than half of the mothers aware about consequences of Childhood obesity whereas only 28% participants agreed for the skipping of the breakfast risk for obesity in children. This study findings revealed that most of the mothers (60% and 65 %) cardiovascular and joint problems are the consequences of Obesity in Children.


Childhood Obesity is global health problem in developed and developing country. Parent is the pivotal role to tackle obesity in children and their attitudes is very important aspect towards Childhood Obesity.

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