Designing of Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT Applications

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T. Gopinath, P. Ajanya


Internet of things is defined in many ways is an internet technology connected to devices, machines and tools by the means of wireless technology, such as connected homes, cities, cars and roads, etc. The IoT is the platform to connect physical objects that contain built-in technology to interact and sends or communicate with their internal blocks or external environment. Nearly one trillion devices are internet connected devices which are available with mobile applications, linking all these connected things. Billions of devices are being communicated all the way though out the world over network protocols, in 2010 which was made by an IoT. Daily around 12.5 billion things or devices are interacting with internet. Since past two decades many researchers and industries were attracted towards IoT because of its reliability. If domestic appliances like Oven, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Geezer, Smart TV are connected in a network, they all work together in association to provide an ideal service as an entire, not as a collection of independently working devices. IoT is a powerful tool which is used in many ways in the development of real-world applications and services, for example building a smart residence where light should ON when the person enters into the room at night time, windows can be closed automatically when it rains, and automatically windows will be open if any leakage of gas. Wireless Sensor Networks are included into the “Internet of Things”, where sensor nodes are connected to the Internet vigorously, and use it to act as a team and complete their action. Wireless Sensor Networks are well apt for long-term environmental data acquirement for IoT representation. In this paper, we provide the information on designing challenges on wireless sensor networks for an IoT application.. This paper presents an overview on an IoT, functional design of WSN for IoT application, details an architecture of IoT and related key issues.

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