The Role of Family Doctors in the Improvement of Primary Care Communities

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Sadaf Shahid


The value of family physicians in any health-care system is significant. The depth of a family physician’s medical knowledge and skill set places them in an ideal position to manage patients with complex medical needs. Familymedicinehad been identified as an established speciality by 1960s.It is of utmostimportance that the predicament to a clear-cut role for family practice has been the lack of a formal administrative structure for family care practice on a nationwide basis in the different countries of the world.It was also very difficult to differentiate family practise as a distinct field from the other fields of medicine. Family care moved from an alien outsider role to a strong position in medical establishment. This included its role inhospitals and academic medical centers.The role of family care practise in western cultures is now less clear than what was envisioned for the field in late 1960s. Family physicians are not betterthan other providers; they are different from other providers yet the ill-defined roles of this field in the medical establishment might make it difficult for the speciality of family care to develop a clear identity. To be successful, the speciality needs to work aggressively inestablishing its role in medicine.

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