COVID-19: The Pandemic

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Palwasha Khan


The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us far and hard. It is spreading like a forest fire among the developed and developing countries. The epidemiology of Covid-19 is still unclear and the public health specialist is adding evidence day by day.The Covid-19 pandemic is currently affecting more and more individuals throughout the globe, and everyone is susceptible to the virus. Moreover, the epidemics as well pandemics have impacts on the vulnerable and lower socioeconomic communities. COVID-19 presents with a wide range of clinical symptoms including Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath (SOB), Headache and Muscle Pain Etc. Prevention is critical as there is no specific and approved treatment for COVID-19 at this time. Although many trials are underway, none has so far been very successful with a breakthrough in this regard. Treatment generally revolves around giving symptomatic and supportive care to control fever, hydration and nutrition. Different drugs including the use of Antivirals with or without a combination of antibiotics has been warranted but to no major success so far. Alternative options including the use of Passive immunization via monoclonal antibody therapy show progress but so far, the antibodies haven’t been marketed. The rise of neutrophils in the lungs and a serum elevated level of cytokines and chemokines responsible for inflammation is believed to be related to the lung damage seen in the COVID-19 patients. Presence of the SARS-CoV-2 viral antigen in the sample detected via the PCR or ELISA technique, confirms the diagnosis of COVID-19 Infection. The Covid-19 infection showed strong relationship with age, gender, socio-economic, important determinants like chronic co-morbidities, obesity, tobacco smoking, PPEs knowledge, health information, and supplements intake, and thus comprehensive preventive and promotive strategies are needed to prioritize the vulnerable communities to reduce the spread and transmission of Covid-19 along with coordination and cooperation from all stakeholders.COVID-19 has an economic fall out that most countries of the world now fear an economic recession due to the existing and extended lockdown imposed at the moment. Therefore, measures need to be taken to curb this before the situation gets out of hand, especially for developing countries.

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