Nursing Support Systems Provided to Children in the Pediatric Service in a Hospital in Sucre-Colombia

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Luz Adriana Hernández Amín, Carmen Cecilia Alviz Tous Judith Cristina Martinez-Royert


Introduction: Hospitalization in the child is a situation that affects their daily activities and that of their family environment, along with illness, separation from parents, friends, causes tensions that exceeds their adaptive capacity, added to his condition of frailty in his immature biological and psychic system he is forced to be dependent and demand attention from his caregiver.

Objective: to describe the nursing support systems provided to hospitalized children in the Pediatric Service.

Methodology:  Exploratory, descriptive cross-sectional study with a sample of 118 children, the instrument was a semi-structured survey that addressed socio-demographic variables and a checklist to obtain data related to the nursing systems provided to hospitalized children. Results: among the nursing systems, the totally compensatory system was activated in the universal breathing requirements (101=68.24%), hydration (252=72.21%), feeding (155=40.68%), elimination (338=48.08%), rest (166=55.15%), social interaction (426=65.04%), security (504=65.28%), development (163=58.42%), dress (273=81.25%) and bathroom (163=58.42%). In the activity requirement, the partially compensatory system was mostly activated (45=21.03%).

Conclusion:  the totally compensatory system is the most applied, and in turn highlights the leading role of the nursing staff, which takes the measures of self-care by the patient, compensating him in his limitations and assisting him in what he requires, which is consistent if you talk about an environment where patients are mainly children and have been subjected to procedures that limit them in meeting their needs.

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