Facial Recognition based Attendance Marking System

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S.Sreesuba, G. Anitha, A.Irumporai, S.Usha, P.Sunitha Devi


The attendance system for training and placement in an institution is a tedious process. Taking attendance for various department students cost quite a time. In the traditional attendance system, the manual work included to maintain and manage the attendance sheets is difficult. To avoid these problems, we propose a system that recognizes theperson by matching the live capture digital image data with the recorded image of that person. The proposed work is a mobile application. It is used to live capture the student, then identify and recognize the individual and mark attendance. By using the mobile application the staff should capture the entire training hall to mark the attendance for that session. In this work,Multi-Task Cascaded Neural Network (MTCNN) is proposed to detect the faces and FaceNet algorithm is used to recognize the individual. After the facial recognition process, it updates and generates an attendance sheet and shares the report through mail to the respective departments and staff members. The outcome of the system is more reliable, more practical and introduces more easiness in the attendance marking systems.

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S.Sreesuba, G. Anitha, A.Irumporai, S.Usha, P.Sunitha Devi. (2021). Facial Recognition based Attendance Marking System . Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 6452 –. Retrieved from http://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/3242