The Role of E-Readiness Rank on the Implementation of E-government in Military Institutions in Yemen

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Aref Abdulrazzaq Ahmed Dahwan, Valliappan Raju


This research has developed a comprehensive literature review for the regarding the research topic. This literature review contained theoretical framework that included the underpinning theories and the related theories, as well as conceptual framework. This research has proposed a model to be tested in the study, the model contained one independent variables (e-readiness rank) and one dependent variable (implementation of e-governance). One hypothesis was developed to analyse the proposed model.

The descriptive analytical approach was used in this study; it is one of the most used methods in the study of social and human phenomena, and because it fits the phenomenon under study. It also examines an existing phenomenon or issue from which information can be answered to answer study questions, without the intervention of the researcher.

The population of this research was the Yemeni military stakholders. The sample of the research were 367 participants.

Smart PLS has been used to conduct statistical analysis from the primary data. Several tests have been conducted for the collected data. The main results found that there is a positive and significant relationship between E-readiness rank and the Implementation of E-Governance in the Yemeni military institutions.

It is recommended to face e-readiness barriers to access electronic government platforms, for the Yemeni population, the implementation of cultural programs that promote the use of new technologies through education, several initiatives of virtual classrooms, community talks could also be given, introducing the use of technologies in the customs of the members of the military, at least so that the advantages they bring beyond being used as simple consultation platforms or means of the interaction of social networks.

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