Artificial Neural Network Based E- Dietitian

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K. D. G. Vamsi, K. S. Nanda Kishore, Mrs. S. Jancy, Dr. Vijiamuthamary


Great nourishment is a fundamental part of good wellbeing. Nourishment is at the core of most worldwide medical issues – particularly in the region of kid endurance where kid under sustenance is a hidden reason for more than 36% (3.8 million) commonness of all youngsters passing younger than five in creating nations. Of the 109 million underweight youngsters and 188 million kids who experience the ill effects of hindering, 160 million (89%) live in only 38 creating nations, establishing practically half 39%) of the cases. Under sustenance is one of the main sources of dismalness and mortality in kids younger than five in most creating nations including Ethiopia. The primary goal of this investigation was to plan a model that predicts the wholesome status of under-five youngsters utilizing data mining methods. Strategies: This examination followed mixture approach of Knowledge Discovery Process to accomplish the objective of building prescient model utilizing data mining systems and utilized auxiliary data. Crossover process model was chosen since it joins best highlights of Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Database system to distinguish and portray a few express criticism circles which are useful in achieving the exploration destinations. Datamining apparatuses and methods, for example, artificial intelligence classifiers were used as intends to address the examination issue.

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K. D. G. Vamsi, K. S. Nanda Kishore, Mrs. S. Jancy, Dr. Vijiamuthamary. (2021). Artificial Neural Network Based E- Dietitian. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 23–30. Retrieved from