Published: 2023-01-04

Smear Layer Removal with Herbal Preparation and 17% edta as a Root Canal irrigant

Dr. Chandani Adwani, Dr. Manoj Chandak, Dr. Rahul Adwani, Dr.Pradhyna Nikhade, Dr.Sneha Patil, Dr. komal Rajurkar, Dr.Bharat Rathi

18 - 29



45 - 63

Antibiotic Susptipility Profile and Virulence Factors Profile of E.Coli Isolated from Otitis Media

Rafal Najim Abdullah, Yassien Hussein Owaid Juboory, Bashar Sadeq Noomi

105 - 111

Most Clinically Detected Viral Diseases in Field Animals of Wasit Province, Iraq

Hasanain A. J. Gharban, Hameed N. S. Al-Ghuraibawi, Zahraa A. H. Al-Rubaye, Hussein A. H. Jahlol, Ahmed A. A. Al-Zergany, Ghassan J. K. Al-Abedi

154 - 168