Published: 2017-12-31

New aspects of adipocyte differentiation pathway: the role of metformin on transcriptional regulation by AMPK

Ioana Hristov, Daniel Vasile Timofte, Florin Zugun-Eloae, Teodor Oboroceanu, Ioana Armasu, Georgiana Constantinescu, Veronica Mocanu

01 - 05

Developing and tailoring protocols for differentiation of preadipocytes in mature adipocytes from different species for further manipulations

Teodor Oboroceanu, Ioana Hristov, Alin Pinzariu, Luminta Labusca, Raluca Ecaterina Haliga, Victor-Vlad Costan, Corina Galesanu, Veronica Mocanu

06 - 11