Protecting the Environment with Human Health: The Role of Education

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Pham Van Luong, Vu Hong Van


The environment has long become a concern of all mankind and environmental issues, environmental protection in any era, at any time of each country is also considered a very important task. Because the environment is understood as everything that is around us and is very close to humans, including the natural environment (land, rivers, air, trees, plants, animals, etc.) and the artificial environment is man-made (such as roads, factories, factories, etc.). All of the above-mentioned issues have a great influence on people's lives (in terms of life and health). Environmental education aims to help the community understand the complex nature of natural and man-made environmental systems, thereby helping people have more "friendly" behavior towards the environment. On the basis of the actual survey, the study of documents, this study clearly shows the role of environmental education for students, thereby raising their awareness in protecting their own health.

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