Medical Diagnostic System based on Data Mining Classification Techniques

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A. Peter, K. Manoj, P. Kumar


Data mining means a vast volume of data to be extracted and mined. We need to categorise the data after extracting this information. One of the key responsibilities in the area of healthcare is data mining categorization. Diagnosis of health problems in the realm of medical science is an essential and hard endeavour. In medical research, there are various sorts of illnesses. Diabetes illness is one of the major diseases of human health that is highly dangerous. Diabetes mellitus is a collection of metabolic diseases that are generally called diabetes when blood sugar levels are high over a lengthy period. The categorization of diabetes illness is one of the major medical difficulties because it has to do with the health conditions of the human body directly; accurate identification and careful treatment of this kind of disease may be resolved. Different writers worked on diabetes categorization and a different model for classification accuracy. In this study three classification approaches were Discriminant Analysis; for the diabetes classification, Multilayer Perceptron and KNN classifications were employed. The main objective of this research is to compare the classification technology with classification accuracy.

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