Plastic Solar Cell for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage

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Mahesh Chandra


Nanotechnology is the network of sciences and an engineering of minute machines which is an ability that is projected to build up the things from the scratch or the lowest level by the use of different techniques and tools and these tools and techniques are developed to construct complete and highly advanced products. In this process anything which is smaller than hundred nano meters and have the new properties are included. The demand of “everlasting” and “eco friendly” resources is increasing every day because of the reason that the pool of available resources is draining day by day. Solar energy is an example of this kind whose arrival is there to solve all the issues. The energy from the sun (Solar energy) itself is very valuable but the traditional “solar cells” that were initially there to collect and control the solar energy are not efficient. These solar cells are not able to function in proper manner in the days when it is cloudy.  An opportunity is created by nanotechnology which is used in the “solar cells” to solve this issue where the nanotechnology increases the efficiency of the solar cells. The present paper is dealing with the results and outcomes of the advancements in the field of “nanotechnology” along with its execution in the “solar cells.” The paper also focuses on the advantages and benefits of use of nanotechnology in the solar cells over the traditional commercial solar cells. 

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