A Study On Perception Of Usefulness Of Pmksy Among The Grape Growers In Tamil Nadu

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R.Jayasankar, V.Sneha and R.Muthukumar


Micro Irrigation technology plays a vital role in Agriculture in saving water and increasing productivity through effective utilization of every drop of water. Micro Irrigation has received considerable attention from farmers for its perceived ability to contribute significantly to groundwater resources development, agricultural productivity and economic growth. Drip Irrigation System is a life saver for many farmers in India, by enhancing the yield and quality of the produce. Increasing water scarcity and limited availability of labour has paved the way for implementation of Micro Irrigation scheme. Micro Irrigation technology improves water use efficiency by 40 per cent to 60 per cent by precise water application. Through fertigation technology, fertilizers are directly applied to the root zone in drip irrigation; hence fertilizer use efficiency is also increased.

Government of India is committed to accord high priority to water conservation and its management. To this effect Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) has been formulated with the vision of extending the coverage of irrigation and improving water use efficiency ‘More crop per drop' in a focused manner with end to end solution on source creation, distribution, management, field application and extension activities.

The project is being implemented across India and is being implemented in various districts of Tamil Nadu. Knowing the perception of the beneficiaries about the usefulness of this scheme will help the policymakers to take this to the next level. To find out, the study was conducted in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu with 120 beneficiaries and its results are shared here. The result indicated that maximum number of the respondents had positive and favourable perception towards the PMKSY scheme.

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