Clinical Study Of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma In Diabetic Patients

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Abishek Paul,Sundararajan, NamithaBhuvaneswari


Primary open angle glaucoma is the commonest form of glaucoma accounting for at least half of all the glaucoma’s. Diabetes Mellitus is one of the risk factors for POAG. The main interest in this topic is because patients suffering from diabetes are typically asymptomatic until significant visual field loss has occurred. Patients usually present with significant visual field loss in one eye and advanced disease in the other. Objective of the study: To study the hospital-based prevalence of POAG among the diabetic patients   attending ophthalmology OPD.To screen all diabetics for glaucoma. METHODOLOGY:  It’s a cross sectional study conducted in two   hundred diabetic patients, both insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent, above forty years of age, from February 2019-August 2020 attending the Ophthalmology   department of Meenakshi medical college hospital research institute (MMCH&RI), RESULTS The results of the study show a clear evidence of an excess of POAG in diabetic population, which was 4.5 %. The prevalence among males was slightly more (5.1 %) as compared to females (3.12%).Study also showed prevalence of POAG and the duration of DM was proportional and that the mean blood glucose level was higher in diabetics with POAG.

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