Bruxism And Its Management-An Overeview

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Shruthi Chandrasekaran, Anitha Logaranjani, Jaideep Mahendra, Ambalavanan


Bruxism is defined as a periodic movement disorder, characterized by tooth grinding and clenching occurring during sleep, associated with rhythmic masticatory muscular activity. The results showed that the vast majority had pain symptoms, difficulty in opening the mouth, pain while chewing. Temporomandibular disorders a collective term that embraces several clinical problems, involve the masticatory musculature and the temporomandibular joint and associated structures. It has been identified as a major cause of non-dental pain in the orofacial region and are also considered to be a sub-classification of musculoskeletal disorders. This review article mainly outlines the various aspects of bruxism, the diagnostic and the therapeutic modalities.

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