Pulmonary Function Changes Among Matchbox Workers in Sivakasi

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R.Arthy Shella, Dr.E.Kayalvizhi, R.Niranchana jegathi, Hemagowtham



Majority of population of Sivakasi being matchbox workers are exposed to various chemicals like potassium chloride, sulphur, antimony triphosphate and many others which may cause respiratory disorder on exposure. These disorders may cause variation in pulmonary function. Thus the study was planned to analyze the pulmonary function changes among matchbox workers in Sivakasi population.



About 300 matchbox workers from Sivakasi district where included in the study involving both gender under the age group 30-70 years. The PFT procedure was explained and written consent form was obtained from all the subjects in their language and none of them were forced to participate in the study. People fitting into our inclusion criteria were analysed in the study.


FVC,FEV1, FVC/FEV1, FEF 25%, FEF 50%, FEF 75% where analyzed using portable RMS Helios 701 at Sivakasi. Institutional Ethical clearance was obtained from MAHER University before starting the project. The best values obtained from the study was entered for each subject . The values were analysed using software SPSS version 21.0.



On comparing the observed and predicted values and also the abnormal PFT with duration of exposure , there was a significant reduction in the lung function. The pulmonary findings showed a marked decrease in FVC, FEV1/FVC, FEV1, FEF25%, FEF50%, FEF75% when compared to normal values. This study showed that 29.7% had normal lung function, 26.3% with restrictive disorder, 20% with obstructive disorder and 24% with mixed type of blockage.



The Pulmonary function parameters of match factory workers showed marked  respiratory alteration due to improper handling and chronic usage of chemicals. This may have lead to significant decrease in pulmonary function test values which can be reduced by proper handling of chemicals with suitable protective measures.


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