Employees' Work Life Quality In Private Firms With A Focus On Chennai

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Mrs. S. Selvamani, Dr.P.Jagadeesan


People have differing opinions on what constitutes a high-quality work environment. In simple terms, quality of work life relates to how favourable or unfavourable a comprehensive work environment is for employees. It encapsulates a unique way of thinking about people, their work, and the organisations in which they operate. Furthermore, it underlines the importance of establishing a more humane work environment for employees in a company. The degree of happiness an employee obtains from his work is determined by the extent to which he feels motivated, valued, and rewarded, among other factors. It is concerned with the level of an employee's relationship with the organisational aspects present in their working environment. According to numerous studies, the organisation should establish a working environment that is conducive to meeting the demands of the employees. It primarily entails job-related factors such as work environment, pay and working hours, incentives and perks, career development, and so on, all of which are directly related to employee motivation and satisfaction.

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