Acquisition Of Employability Skills Among Management Students In Rural Telangana

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C.Katyani , Dr.S. Jayakani,


Reports claim that India is one of the highest rating ‘brain drain ‘countries. As it is known that /developing country is characterized by low income, unemployment, over population, inequality, poor health and inadequate education, India too holds the same characteristic. However several initiatives have been taken time and again to improve the economic condition of India. One such initiative was the liberalization policy taken in 1991 which was gradually increased the growth of companies (particularly during late 2000s).there was time when salary/monetary benefits used to be the prime source of motivation for the potential employees to join an organization. However with time, besides monetary benefits, companies started offering several non-monetary benefits which record to equal motivating for the potential employees .The globalization has drastically changed the standards. Therefore instead of simply/merely producing graduates, the education system have to initiate these skills through training, workshops, seminars, (on employability skills) through incorporating. Employability education refers to non-technical knowledge, skills and attitude requirements which are essential for winning and retaining jobs- aptitude and problem solving, English language and communication skills. This study aims to explore the acquisition of employability skills from higher education institutions in rural Telangana with the meditating role of basic, life and soft skills.

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