Nutritional Status of Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in DhiQar government

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WaddaLaftaMousa, AssistProf. Dr.Saphia A Aitte, FABHS. Ali K Qasim


Diabetes mellitus (DM): It is one of the chronic metabolic disorders that affect the body and cause a large number of problems and complications, especially in the case of neglecting treatment and not adhering to it. It is a disease of high blood glucose level due to the body’s lack of production of the hormone insulin or the lack of response of the body’s cells to insulin or both. The aim of the study is to know the characteristics of children with type 1 diabetes in DhiQar Governorate and to know the health status of children by knowing the body mass index of each sick child. This study was carried out from the October 2020 until the end of March 2021.    And  were taken 528 patients from the DhiQar Specialized Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes, and the data collected were presented through appropriate tables and figurers   for research and appropriately statistically analyzed  A statistical significant  association (p<0.05) with regard to the basic characteristics the study found The incidence of diabetes in males is higher than in females, but with a small significant difference 53.6% for males and 46.4% for female , as well as the incidence of diabetes  in the sub-districts are higher than the city center. The study also found that most of the children suffer from weight loss, and their number is 346, and the largest group is from school age, where their number is 222. The study also found that the majority of children with type 1 diabetes had no family history of diabetes.

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