Assessment of Clients Satisfaction towards Primary Health Care Centers Services in Babylon Governorate, Iraq

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Zahraa Abdullah Kharullah, ButhaynahAtyah Rashid, Raheem SaberShwakh


Background:Client’s satisfaction is related to clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims. It affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality health care.

Objectives: To assessment client’s satisfaction towards primary health care centers services in Babylon Governorate, find out relationships between client satisfaction and socio-demographic characteristic and type of health services.

Subject and Method:This is a descriptive, cross sectional study conducted at (23) randomly selected (multistage sampling technique) Primary Health Centers in Babylon governorate. Data were collected during the period extended (December 2020 to March 2021). (15-25) clients for each center using a questionnaire to assess the client's satisfaction for the service and the use of the direct method of interview, which lasts for (20-25) minutes. Descriptive statistical data analysis approach (SPSS-27), which includes frequencies, percentages, mean of scores, range (minimum-maximum values)and inferential statistical data analysis approach that include chi squared test.

Result: This study includes (460) participants. More than half of them were female,highest percentage (47%) were in the age group (20-29)means of age was 32.8 ± 11.2 and (30.2%) of clients were having primary school graduation with insufficient monthly income. with regard to the social situation, the majority of the sample are married and represent 355 (77.2%) of the entire sample. The overall satisfaction to health care services delivered were poor satisfied at percent were(49.6%). High satisfaction score towards insurance health and empathy domains, while low satisfaction score concerning infrastructure of primary health care centers services.

Conclusions: According to the present findings, the study concluded that the most of client’s satisfaction score reveals that majority were (49.6%) who reviews primary health care centers in Babylon Governorate were unsatisfied regarding primary health care centers services.

Recommendation: it’s necessary periodic follow-up by the department of health to health centersto identify weaknesses point and find out possible solutions to themin order toincrease community awareness of the importance of primary health care services and that the services provided are not only for women but for men also, Further studies that can be conducted to involve a national level to assess the health care services and to compare the health care services provided at rural and urban primary health care centers.

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