Analysis And Survey On Data Analytics Comparison Of Algorithms

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Dr.S. Sridevi, D. Manjula


In Today’s Era Of Digitization, We Work On The Variety Of Data. Huge Amount Of Data Will Be Processed By Google, Microsoft And Amazon. Daily Basis These Organization Processed Large Amount Of Data. In Such Manner We Need To Require Some Way To Modify The Technology In Such That All The Data Will Be Processed Effectively. Big Data Is An Emerging Concept That Describes Innovative Techniques And Technologies To Analyze Large Volume Of Complex Datasets That Are Exponentially Generated From Various Sources And With Various Rates. Smart Data Analysis Has Become A Challenging Task In Today’s Environment Where Disparate Data Set Is Generated Across The Globe With Enormous Volume. In This Paper Analyzed And Compared To Multiple Level Of Data Analytics Algorithms, Analytic Approaches, Open Issues.

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