Student Recognition Through Their Pictures

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Prakhar Singh, Adarsh Anknee, Rahul Kumar Gupta, R.Indrakumari


Face detection and recognition from a picture or a video could be a popular topic in biometrics research. Face recognition technology has widely attracted attention thanks to its enormous application value and market potential, like real-time video closed-circuit, television. It's widely acknowledged that face recognition has played a very important role in closed-circuit television because it doesn’t need the object’s co-operation. We design a real-time face recognition system supported by an IP camera and image set algorithm by way of OpenCV and Python programming development. The system includes three parts: Detection module, training module, and recognition module. the right space is decided with the identification of the covariance matrix's vectors, which are centered on a set of fingerprint images. I build a camera-based real-time face recognition system and set an algorithm by developing programming on OpenCV.


What we want is that the actual photograph of each student mapped with their address class and unique number within the database. we'd like a trainee set of information to coach our model so our software can work on its own. This software is typically build to ease the burden on students and administration during a university or school by always remembering their identification code


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