Impact of Employee’s Performance during COVID-19

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Mrs. Anushka Shokeen, Dr. Naveen Nandal


The main focus of this research paper is on how COVID-19 has influenced people's lifestyles, working habits, job satisfaction, employee efficiency, and behaviour.Leadership is a leader's method of persuading subordinates with specific traits to achieve the desired goals. Any organization’s success is dependent on its ability to lead. The leadership tactics employed in establishing conditions that allow the people they lead to become aware of the necessity to carry out their aims is one of the aspects that determine a leader's effectiveness. In other words, a leader's performance is determined by his ability to manage and apply his leadership style in light of the events and conditions of the company. During COVID-19, the most significant effect was on employee performance. The needs of the organization must be satisfied by leaders. It also affects the employee's day-to-day life, which must be cooperative with the job. Employee roles are critical in the workplace because they must adapt to the attitudes of managers and leaders during this pandemic period.However, in order to receive an appraisal or other reward from the company, employees must be perfect in their behavior and how they do their jobs.

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