Evolving Need of Forensic Pharmacovigilance In This Era?

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Manvi Aggarwal, Navneet Vinayak, Chhavi Singla


Dying from a disease may be inevitable but dying from a medicine is unacceptable”. Patient safety is a prime concern for a medical professional. Pharmacovigilance Programme ensures the safety of patients by examiningthe pattern of adverse events that occur by the usage of drugs. In the current scenariodrug abuse, misuse, adulteration, counterfeiting of drugsare exponentially increasing leading to numerous criminal, civil and suicidal cases in India. To investigate such cases and find out the root cause, forensic pharmacovigilance has been evolved and incorporated into our constitutional structure of India. Forensic pharmacovigilance experts must be having the knowledge and ability to understand adverse drug effects and other drug-related problems, legal questions and to detect criminal acts. Their skills and expertise are used in solving a diverse number of legal matters of drugs as misuse/ abuse/non-approved cases. which needs the medicalFraternity to come forward and work for the pivotal application of pharmacovigilance in theforensic sciences. In this review article, some dug reaction cases are discussed briefly  that require legal implication for investigation

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Manvi Aggarwal, Navneet Vinayak, Chhavi Singla. (2021). Evolving Need of Forensic Pharmacovigilance In This Era?. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 545–558. Retrieved from https://annalsofrscb.ro/index.php/journal/article/view/9044