An Update on Urolithiatic Plant Drugs as Alternative Treatment Option for Mitigation of Kidney Stones

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Mehta Vikas, Dhiman Anju, Singla Chhavi


Uro-lithiasis, a common health problem growing globally, is the formation of mineral stones in the urinary tract which starts with crystallization of oxalates in nephrons. Stone or calculi in the kidney or other parts of urinary system cause a variable degree of unbearable pain in different parts of abdomen and leading to various urinary tract infections. Uro-lithiasis is a complex urinary disorder involving various mineral crystal formations in the urinary tract. The present study is attempted to enlighten the knowledge of lithiasis formation, causes of stone formation, control measures, medicinal plants, available treatments, marketed formulations and patents. A large extent (12-15%) of global population is suffering from different kinds of lithiatic conditions. Various treatment therapies are available for the removal of stones likeESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy), Precutaneous Nephrolithotomy &Ureteroscopy. Various studies revealed that Phyto-therapeutics can be used as the part of treatmentalong with the surgical or radiation treatment as an adjunctive therapy to control and prevent recurrence of stone formation. Various medicinal plants are being used for lithiatic treatment from older times. This review provides an account on such plants and the type of research performed using them. Some potent indigenous herbs which are used in treatment of urolithiasis were discussed here. This review will give the opportunities for the future research and for the development of new antiurolithiatic therapeuticagents.

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