Smart Mirror Detection using Raspberry Pi

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Sneha Sarode, Anil Bavaskar, Samta Talatule


The whole world is moving fast and we are constantly in need wanting for time and find the things that can be postponed orcancelled just because we don't get all the time we need throughout the day. There is a popular saying that "Every second counts",we considered this saying the best of letter and spirit. Every day we normally spend 10-20 minutes in front of the mirror in ourday-to-day life. Thus, we planned out to make this time also more interactive and productive and make it useful for the one usingthe mirror. Nowadays in the field of technology, many innovations happen almost daily and things are also getting smart such assmart phones, smart televisions, smart watches, smart locks, some smart home devices such as Amazon Echo, Alexa and manymore. Thus, we proposed the idea to make an interactive smart mirror embedded with various features to make sure that everysecond is utilized properly. This smart mirror will be acting like our digital assistant providing with our to-do-lists for the daygiving us the remainder's for our appointments, meetings and will also help us to keep a track of upcoming events important days,will give us the news, also it will update us with news, weather forecast, the one having investment in the stock market can keep acontinuous track of it, and also helps a person to get current affairs happening around the world. The smart mirror is implementedusing peripherals such as raspberry pi, LED monitor covered with two-way acrylic sheets. The microcontroller which is a part ofraspberry pi makes a connection with the internet and can retrieve data from the internet which helps us to display all thementioned things.

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