An IoT based Healthcare for Remote Patient Monitoring System

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Sanjay Balwani, Anil Bavaskar, Irfan Javed, Sarfraz Ali


At present Health-care system has developed science and intelligence based on Wireless-Sensing nodes. Patients are confronting numerous issues because of the particular explanation of heart issues and assault due to nonexistence of good clinical upkeep to patients when they required. This is designed for monitoring the old patients and passing information to doctors and also loved ones. So by this innovative project we can reduce death rates by using Patient Health Monitoring that uses sensor technology and also internet connectivity to communicate with the loved ones in case of emergency. This system uses Temperature, heartbeat sensor, saline level indicator and accelerometer to track patient’s health. Both the sensors are associated with the Arduino-UNO. So as to follow the patient wellbeing condition a miniature regulator is interfaced to a LCD show and Wi-Fi regulator to send the information to the web-worker (remote detecting hub). In case of any sudden changes in patient heart-rate or body temperature alert is sent about the patient using IOT. This system also shows patients heartbeat, temperature, saline level and acceleration tracked live data with timestamps over the Internetwork. Thus Patient health monitoring system based on IOT uses internet to effectively monitor patient health and helps the user monitoring their loved ones and saves lives.

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