Design and Implementation of Fuel Mateapplication

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Mr. ChandrashekharGode, M.Inamullah sheikh, SarthakWankar, SurajSanesar, AniketBhongade


There is wonderful increase in population, due to this there is increase in number of vehicles. The rise in number of vehicles had led to many problems like traffic blocking, increase in consumption of fuels, rising travel costs. Considering all these problems we have considered different papers. This paper introduces bike sharing application which will help people to travel on one bike and share their expenses and also reduce pollution.[1] complicated applications are gaining popularity in the market over various cities as an adroit part of traveling with ease and being eco-friendly. Such application in the future have a wide scope ranging from IOT (Internet Of things)Integrated smart systems for homes to super smart bikes comprising of computation as well as communication features. Systems such as these will able the service providers to access information counting user demands and real-time as well as non-real-time scenarios for an Improved Quality of Service (QoS) of the application. With the rapid increase in human population, there exists a dire need to solve for the ever-growing traffic and create a faster, simpler method which will reduce traffic and carbon footprint perceptibly. Bike pooling is a notion wherein any user can share/book a bike-ride depending on whether or not he/she owns a bike through a simple mobile function.


This paper proposes a framework to secure a multi-modal bike sharing service Earth's rising temperature is a product of continued emissions of greenhouse gases. Transport is a big part of this and the transport of people and goods with fossil fuels is a causative factor.Android application which offers an easy way of traveling from one source to a destination and at the same time an easy user-friendly interface usable by any section of the society.

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