Implementation- Remote Patient Examination System

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Swara Pampatwar, Nazneen Rizvi, Rinkal Talreja, Chetali Raisinghani, Kritika Motwani, Divya Hemrajani


As in today's date, health has become the most major and talked topic of each and every country. To live a healthy life, with proper medications and that to on time has became very important so to get proper medical assessment in every corner of the world and especially on time, we can build a mobile app that enables doctors to gain real-time access to a patient’s vital signs from anywhere in the world. The mobile solution should allow doctors to gauge a patient’s condition to determine whether hospitalization is necessary. The solution can also provide general medical assistance and will be especially useful in cases of emergencies.

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Chetali Raisinghani, Kritika Motwani, Divya Hemrajani, S. P. N. R. R. T. (2021). Implementation- Remote Patient Examination System. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 227–234. Retrieved from