Skill & Competency Mapping System (SCMS)

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Mr. SiddhantJaiswal, AbhinandanDeshbhratar, AnujChakravais, AvanshuWaghmare, Shriniket Sable


Today, organizations are talking in terms of competence & skills. The focusof the organizations have been shifted towards competition. It is better to create a core competency that will look after them through crisis and search other ways to develop the people.Nowadays, people talks in terms of skill sets.

Organizations of the longer term will need to rely more on their competent employees than the other resource. It's a serious factor that determines the success of an organisation. Competencies are the inner tools for motivating employees, directing systems and processes and guiding the business towards common goals that allow the organizations to extend their value. Competencies provide a standard language and method which will integrate all the main HR functions and services like recruitment, training, performancemanagement, remuneration, performance appraisals, career and succession planning, and an integrated human resource management system.


There is a need to identify a candidate on the basis of skill sets & competence through an automated system. This can be achieved through adaptive testing systems in a short duration of time.

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